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Homecare Client Testimonials

May 2015
Impact on your quality of life:
Ulrica says: “ Lori, our caregiver, been a huge help. She goes through every step of what has to be done every morning. I never have to ask her to do things or explain things to her. She is very organized. She does the routine that my wife expects and is willing to do.”

December 2015
“I don’t know what I’d do without my caregivers. They’ve improved my life by being here when I need them to be and I can depend on them. They’re super.” “ They are always there and very caring and attentive. I feel like they’re a friend.”
Joann Z.

November 2015
“Our caregiver is professional, clean, neat, very good to my parents, and compassionate.”
Merle L.

January 2015
“They really help us and they give me a break. When I leave, I have no concerns if I know the caregiver will watch over my mother.”
Charlotte S.

January 2015
“They offer a lot of freedom. They make sure you have a caregiver in your home when it is convenient for you.” “You and your caregiver will be matched based on compatibility so that you have someone in your home.”

January 2015
“My caregiver gives excellent one-on-one attention and care.” “I appreciate the office support staff and the communication I receive from them.”

May 2015
“Lori, our caregiver, been a huge help. She goes through every step of what has to be done every morning. I never have to ask her to do things or explain things to her. She is very organized. She does the routine that my wife expects and is willing to do it.”
S. Sussman

June 2015
“The caregiver is quiet, efficient, and gets the job done.” “This company is fantastic.”
M. McKay

Homecare Caregiver Testimonials

January 2016
“My flexible schedule gives me more time in the day to do other things, and it makes it easier to be with family. I am satisfied because of the stability in knowing that I am needed, I look forward to coming into work.”

February 2015
“The office staff will transfer me to someone who can find the answer to my question if they don’t know the answer themselves.”

February 2015
“My client is as good for me as I am for them. The scheduler really makes an effort to match the client to the caregiver. They told us in the beginning that if you have problems with clients, let us know. They want it to be a good fit.”

February 2015
“I call this job food for the soul. It’s one of those jobs where you help someone out who needs it. My job allows me to help people improve their quality of life so they can stay independent. For me, that is very rewarding.”

Home Health Testimonials

Dear Friends,
I am so grateful for the care you gave my husband, Milton K. last year. He was a wonderful husband and father, I miss him very much. May God’s blessings be on all of you.
Geraldine K.(Bellingham, WA)

Dear Nurse Bob,
I’m so glad we had this time together. I wanted to thank you for each and every time you came to see us. I thank all of the nurses but you the most. You have been the reason mom has gotten better. She is now going outside.
Last Thursday I found her outside in the yard! I gave her the walker and she came out to the garden for a while! Friday she went shopping with me and pushed the cart!
Saturday, she went outside with a boyfriend! They went for steaks without me!!
We will miss you! Please come see us if you’re over in this part of town again!
Miss Tere and Ruthie (Bellingham, WA)

“…Being how I am living alone he suggested homebound services of which the nurse called Eden Home Health. The next day Annette came to assess me and clean and packed my wound. She told me that either her or Christina would be doing my wound care and I okayed it. She was very professional and thorough. I felt comfortable around her. When Christina came the next day she was also very professional and thorough and comfortable. Christina was there almost every day and alternated with Annette. My cancer doctor had to stop my chemo for a while until the wound was almost healed so when we reported that it was almost healed the surgeon gave the okay to restart my chemo and the wound kept healing which made both doctors very happy. I am so confident in Christina, Annette, and Ryan, that I would recommend Eden Home Health to anyone who has a wound or needs help being taken care of. They are very professional, very thorough and they make you very comfortable. They are friendly and observant. My wound is completely healed now and I’m happy. I also made friends. Thank you, Eden healthcare for everything.  I also want to thank their receptionist, Lisa, for always being friendly when I call and getting me in touch with them right away.”
Patricia M. (Ammon, ID)