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Reducing Hospital Readmissions

By utilizing our care transitions model, in-home multidisciplinary care, virtual care technology/telehealth services and medication management, Eden Health can drastically help decrease your readmission penalties by reducing preventable inpatient stays.

Care Transitions Interventions

Eden Health has adopted the “Coleman Model” of the Care Transitions Intervention by focusing on improving critical transitions in care from multiple care settings such as the hospital to home, hospital to a skilled nursing facility, skilled nursing facility to home, etc.  To learn more about our Care Transitions services, click here.

Virtual Care Technology

Managing care for complex patients at home is essential to delivering better health outcomes and value-based care.  In today’s environment when most physicians are running at full capacity or overload – how do you eliminate gaps, avoid redundancies and optimize your patient’s care delivery with confidence that it is all being managed effectively?  Eden Health leverages the next generation of telehealth and telemedicine technologies by partnering with the LG CNS Interactive Virtual Care Team (IVCT) platform.  Using a smartphone or tablet, in-person visits are supplemented with real-time virtual patient engagement for higher-touch care delivery.  To learn more about our virtual care services, click here.

Medication Management

Whether using a single medication or several to treat chronic or multiple illnesses, knowing what to take, how to take it, when to take it and the correct dosage are all critical to successful medication therapy.  Medication management is a multi-faceted process of reconciling, monitoring and assessing the medications an individual takes to assure compliance with a specific medication regimen, while also ensuring the individual avoids potentially dangerous drug interactions and other complications.  To learn more about our home health services, click here.

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