Common Myths about Hospice

woman hugging her grandma

Myth: Hospice is a place for senior care.
Truth: Hospice is a philosophy and a set of practices focused on comforting patients, supporting families and helping people live as fully and comfortably as possible in the time they have left.

Myth: Hospice means there is nothing more that doctors can do for you.
Truth: Hospice physicians are experts in pain management, symptom control and other techniques to relieve suffering.

Myth: Hospice is for the very last weeks or days of life.
Truth: Under Medicare, Medicaid, and most private health insurance, hospice is available to patients with a terminal illness and a life expectancy of six months or less.  Patients are able to remain on hospice services longer than six months as long as they continue to qualify for hospice care.

Myth: Hospice means giving up.
Truth: Hospice can open time and space for emotional connection, spiritual growth or accomplishing a goal, not only just for the patient but the family as well.