Eden Health is a 100% employee-owned licensed and bonded company, providing skilled Home Health, Hospice and Home Care/Private Duty services.  The Eden Home Health, Eden Hospice and Eden Home Care lines of business are all part of the EmpRes Healthcare family of companies. Eden Health is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington and has locations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, and Nevada.

Our Commitment to Caring

The mission of Eden Health is to provide the highest level of care at home with respect, dignity, and compassion.

As an employee-owned company, we recognize that our people are our most valuable asset.  We honor their importance by our recognition that all employees be treated with respect and integrity at all times.

Achievement of any mission is dependent upon the financial viability of the company.  We are dedicated to providing quality care through effective stewardship of our human and financial resources.

We take pride in our motto “Our Commitment to Caring” as a means to attain our mission.

Core Values

Customer Service:  We treat everyone we encounter as a customer and strive to deliver excellent service at each encounter.

Accountability:  We hold ourselves accountable for being stewards in all aspects of delivering patient-focused care and maintaining financial viability.

Respect:  We respect our patients as they are our purpose.  We respect our employees as they as they provide the means to attain our mission.

Integrity:  We maintain our integrity in the pursuit of our mission.  We do not achieve results at the risk of compromising our integrity.

Nursing Excellence:  We deliver quality care to enhance and promote quality of life by striving to constantly improve patient outcomes and committing to assist each patient to achieve their goals.

Growth:  We are committed to the continuous quality improvement of our clinical and financial systems, professional growth for our employees and the strategic growth and strengthening of our organization.